Investing For Longterm Results

In many cases, people work so hard for results that last only for today, but it’s also a very good idea, in fact even wiser, to consider the results and goals for the long term as well.  The common pitfall is to consider working today only to produce results for tomorrow rather than performing tasks and routines in which the results will be reaped in years to come.

So many times, the big successes are results of habits and actions executed consistently for many years, even decades in some cases. So the key question becomes where will you be in ten years according to the actions you are taking today?  Asking this question will be very helpful for you as you consider your daily tasks and project where those tasks will take you. The results will be surprising to you if you’ve never asked this kind of question before, however this is the essential.  It’s impossible to achieve a high level of success without significant action.

Taking in mind the daily tasks still need to be taken care of, it’s important to schedule activities that will help to grow long term results, not just pay the bills for today.  This kind of thinking will keep your mind active and help to recognize new opportunities and directions for your business to grow in as the marketplaces shifts and changes over time.  Since this can be difficult or even overwhelming, it’s a good idea to build your plans around principles that are timeless rather than setting long term goals around current trends that will soon be forgotten as they pass away.

Knowing your industry and market will definitely help to supply you with a long range vision of where your company is going and where you will end up.  There’s just no substitute for having real life experience and building on that knowledge.  Having this experience as an asset will allow you to be clear in knowing what to pursue, but also in knowing what not to pursue.  Sometimes (most of the time) knowing what to avoid can be as valuable as knowing what to pursue.  By drawing on experience you already possess, your long term vision will be based on useful facts, not just speculation.

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