Business Tips

One of the best business tips anyone could ever be given would be to find someone who is already succeeding at what you would like to do, and to make it a point to model them as closely as possible.  This is invaluable as the learning curve is reduced dramatically and increases the acceleration of acquiring new skills and experiences since many of the lessons learned by trial and error can be complete avoided.

The best business tips will help to reduce expenses and increase productivity.  Many of these kinds of tips can be gleaned from a mentor who has already tried things that have both failed, and succeeded, allowing you to be able to simply model the key concepts already learned and following them.  This kind of learning will save not only time, but also significant savings in money, reputation, and heart ache as well.  Skipping these pitfalls will prove to be worth their weight in gold, especially over time.

Clearly on obstacle that will need to be not only addressed, but overcome, is how to persuade someone successful to share their secrets with you.  Many times those riding on the wave of their success from their hard work from the past few decades are understandably reluctant to just hand them over to some young underling.  This is where your ability to network with people who already know the person you wish to model with get a chance to shine. Ask them questions in order to find out how to present your offer in a way that will be appealing and mutually beneficial.

You might only get one chance to present your offer, so don’t be tempted to skip this step.  The time spent investing in creating a good offer could pay back big dividends if your mentor accepts it.  What your mentor offers to you is time and experiences that you won’t have to spend, so don’t be too quick to make a low offer.  Instead find what they need or lack and be generous in the terms of the trade.  If possible, make your offer completely irresistible.

With time spent learning from your mentor, the business tips he, or she, will be able to share with you will be a rich reward that will continue to pay for years to come.

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